Vision of Online Restaurant

The web media business restaurant business is one of the businesses I hope to grow.

In order to eliminate the concern that our magazines may deviate from the values ​​of the world when we focus only on high-end restaurants,
We feel that it is necessary to take up reasonable and reasonable restaurants, and adopt “taste” as a criterion outside the price range, and display it as “feathers” rather than “stars.”

In addition, while paying attention not to suffer from the services of the user group and so on, we will also carry out information dispatch unique to the media business and expand the IT system to include a reservation function.

Currently, we are focusing on restaurants of each genre mainly in major cities around the world, but we will increase the number of staff by increasing the number of staff in order to be able to pick up many shops outside the city.

Further education of eating and drinking knowledge as well as editing ability and examination ability of staff to use social network service to get more people to know for the purpose of reader acquisition, and to provide high quality content to readers I think that is essential.

Others, I am interested in organizing events. There are many restaurants in the world, and through food festivals, we want our customers to know the goodness of the restaurant and want to hold a meaningful festival where they can enjoy gourmet food.

That’s the vision I had for the restaurant business of the web media business.

– World owner,Osawa Zaibatsu

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