Various systems

Introduction of various sysytems


・The system is created by the Organizational Department, the Legal Department and the System Committee with the cooperation of each department.


・The purpose is to create an environment where employees can work comfortably and to be a better company.

Long leave system

・This system allows employees to take leave on a long-term basis, such as maternity leave and childcare leave.
・You can take a long vacation without leaving the office.
・While the person is on vacation, an alternate person works.
・Depending on the nature of the work, it is possible to work at home between vacations.
・For salaries, etc. that can be acquired during long holidays, 1/5 is paid based on the salary before acquisition.
・The long-term leave system is operated by the Labor Division, Human Resources Department.

Social activity employee system

・The social activity employee system is a system that allows employees to carry out various social activities under stable employment while working.
・Encourage social activities by employees.
・Social activities include adult sports, artistic activities, music activities, literary activities, etc.
・This system provides various social activists with funds such as stable employment and activity opportunities, salaries and activity costs.
・The Social Activity Division, Employee Department is responsible for the operation of the social activity employee system.
・For the purpose of supporting social activities, the program manager will provide support for administration, management, monetization, etc.
・It also serves as a social activity by companies.

Holiday system

・Guarantees over 120 days of annual holidays.
・Holiday dates and days are flexibly distributed within the department in response to employee requests.
・The Labor Division, Human Resources Department is responsible for the operation of the holiday system.

Club activity system

・Employees can do club activities.
・The Club Activity Division, Employee Department is responsible for the club activities system.
・The purpose is to develop employee exchanges and competitions, and improve club activity skills.

Consultation system

・Consultations from employees are accepted by the Consultation Division, Employee Department.
・We will solve the problems that employees face and contribute to improving employee happiness.

Social system

・The purpose is to encourage interaction between employees.
・The Social Affairs, Employee Department is in charge.
We will have a place for exchanges such as parties.