Social activity

Introduction of social activities


・Social activities are handled by the Social Activities Division, General Affairs Department.
・Programs are supported by the program manager.


・Various activities are conducted with the aim of contributing to society.

Medical program

・We will elucidate the pathology, study and disseminate treatments, and provide a place for medical personnel to interact.

Student dream support program

・Make your student’s dream come true.

Leader education program

・We develop leaders who have excellent personality and deep education.

Artist support program

・We will improve the ability of artists and support talented artists until they become professionals.

Work experience program

・By providing opportunities to experience occupations, we will find talent, improve skills, and expand the range of occupational choices.

Rehabilitation program

・We provide an employment environment for the purpose of returning to society.

Homeless support program

・For the purpose of providing homeless support, we provide an employment environment and support clothing, food and shelter.

Regional exchange program

・For the purpose of regional exchanges, we will create opportunities for exchanges by holding events.

Program of abolition of discrimination

・We carry out various activities for the purpose of eliminating discrimination.

Expression deregulation program

・We carry out various activities with the aim of relaxing expression restrictions.

Happiness improvement program

・We carry out various activities for the purpose of improving happiness.

External support program

・Support the outside for free.

Educational program

・We conduct educational activities such as personality and culture.