OSAWA ZAIBATSU’s Service Introduction Page.
This page introduces various services of Osawa Zaibatsu such as “ONLINE GROUP” and “GENERAL GROUP”.

Online Group (Communication Business)
General Group (Production Business)
City Group (Regional Business)
Expert Group (Work Business)

Fashion Group (Fashion Business)
Restaurant Group (Restaurant Business)
Hotel Group (Hotel Business)
Travel Group (Travel Business)
Animation Group (Animation Business)
Comic Group (Comic Business)
Movie Group (Movie Business)
Video Group (Video Business)
Game Group (Game Business)
TV Group (TV Business)
Showbiz Group (Showbiz Business)
Vehicle Group (Vehicle Business)
Music Group (Music Business)
Sports Group (Sports Business)
Competition Group (Competition Business)
News Group (News Business)
Handicraft Group (Handicraft Business)
Animal Group (Animal Business)
Plant Group (Plant Business)
Event Group (Event Business)
Image Group (Image Business)
Photograph Group (Photo Business)
Book Group (Book Business)
Light Novel Group (Light Novel Business)
Trust Bank (Trust Bank Business)
Bank Group (Bank Business)
Securities Group (Securities Business)
Investment Group (Investment Business)
Loan Group (Loan Business)
Fund Group (Fund Business)
Investment Trust (Investment Trust Business)
Food Group (Food Business)
Cuisine Group (Cuisine Business)
Electronics Group (Electronics Business)
Medical Group (Medical Business)
Hospital Group (Hospital Business)
Housing Group (Housing Business)
Interior Group (Interior Business)
Life Group (Life Business)
Life Insurance Group (Life Insurance Business)
Non-Life Insurance Group (Non-Life Insurance Business)
Military Group (Military Business)
Learning Group (Learning Business)
School Group (School Business)
Web Group (Web Business)
Art Group (Art Business)
Wedding Hall Group (Wedding Hall Business)
Toy Group (Toy Business)
Hobby Group (Hobby Business)
Novel Group (Novel Business)
Crisis Measures Group (Crisis Measures Business)
Worker Group (Worker Business)
Job Group (Job Business)
Ranking Group (Ranking Business)
Questionnaire Group (Questionnaire Business)
Lecture Group (Lecture Business)

Online Fashion (Fashion Communication Business)
General Fashion (Fashion Production Business)
City Fashion (Fashion Regional Business)
Fashion Expert (Fashion Work Business)

Online Restaurant (Restaurant Communication Business)
General Restaurant (Restaurant Production Business)
City Restaurant (Restaurant Regional Business)
Restaurant Expert (Restaurant Work Business)

Online Hotel (Hotel Communication Business)
General Hotel (Hotel Production Business)
City Hotel (Hotel Regional Business)
Hotel Expert (Hotel Work Business)

Online Travel (Travel Communication Business)
General Travel (Travel Production Business)
City Travel (Travel Regional Business)
Travel Expert (Travel Work Business)

Online Animation (Animation Communication Business)
General Animation (Animation Production Business)
City Animation (Animation Regional Business)
Animation Expert (Animation Work Business)

Online Comic (Communication Business)
General Comic (Comic Production Business)
City Comic (Comic Regional Business)
Comic Expert (Comic Work Business)

Online Movie (Movie Communication Business)
General Movie (Movie Production Business)
City Movie (Movie Regional Business)
Movie Expert (Movie Work Business)

Online Video (Video Communication Business)
General Video (Video Production Business)
City Video (Video Regional Business)
Video Expert (Video Work Business)

Online Game (Game Communication Business)
General Game (Game Production Business)
City Game (Game Regional Business)
Game Expert (Game Work Business)

Online TV (TV Communication Business)
General TV (TV Production Business)
City TV (TV Regional Business)
TV Expert (TV Work Business)

Online Showbiz (Showbiz Communication Business)
General Showbiz (Showbiz Production Business)
City Showbiz (Showbiz Regional Business)
Showbiz Expert (Showbiz Work Business)

Online Vehicle (Vehicle Communication Business)
General Vehicle (Vehicle Production Business)
City Vehicle (Vehicle Regional Business)
Vehicle Expert (Vehicle Work Business)

Online Music (Music Communication Business)
General Music (Music Production Business)
City Music (Music Regional Business)
Music Expert (Music Work Business)

Online Sports (Sports Communication Business)
General Sports (Sports Production Business)
City Sports (Sports Regional Business)
Sports Expert (Sports Work Business)

Online Competition (Competition Communication Business)
General Competition (Competition Production Business)
City Competition (Competition Regional Business)
Competition Expert (Competition Work Business)

Online News (News Communication Business)
General News (News Production Business)
City News (News Regional Business)
News Expert (News Work Business)

Online Handicraft (Handicraft Communication Business)
General Handicraft (Handicraft Production Business)
City Handicraft (Handicraft Regional Business)
Handicraft Expert (Handicraft Work Business)

Online Animal (Animal Communication Business)
General Animal (Animal Production Business)
City Animal (Animal Regional Business)
Animal Expert (Animal Work Business)

Online Plant (Plant Communication Business)
General Plant (Plant Production Business)
City Plant (Plant Regional Business)
Plant Expert (Plant Work Business)

Online Event (Event Communication Business)
General Event (Event Production Business)
City Event (Event Regional Business)
Event Expert (Event Work Business)

Online Image (Image Communication Business)
General Image (Image Production Business)
City Image (Image Regional Business)
Image Expert (Image Work Business)

Online Photograph (Photograph Communication Business)
General Photograph (Photograph Production Business)
City Photograph (Photograph Regional Business)
Photograph Expert (Photograph Work Business)

Online Book (Book Communication Business)
General Book (Book Production Business)
City Book (Book Regional Business)
Book Expert (Book Work Business)

Online Light Novel (Light Novel Communication Business)
General Light Novel (Light Novel Production Business)
City Light Novel (Light Novel Regional Business)
Light Novel Expert (Light Novel Work Business)

Online Trust Bank (Trust Bank Communication Business)
General Trust Bank (Trust Bank Production Business)
City Trust Bank (Trust Bank Regional Business)
Trust Bank Expert (Trust Bank Work Business)

Online Bank (Bank Communication Business)
General Bank (Bank Production Business)
City Bank (Bank Regional Business)
Bank Expert (Bank Work Business)

Online Securities (Securities Communication Business)
General Securities (Securities Production Business)
City Securities (Securities Regional Business)
Securities Expert (Securities Work Business)

Online Investment (Investment Communication Business)
General Investment (Investment Production Business)
City Investment (Investment Regional Business)
Investment Expert (Investment Work Business)

Online Loan (Loan Communication Business)
General Loan (Loan Production Business)
City Loan (Loan Regional Business)
Loan Expert (Loan Work Business)

Online Fund (Fund Communication Business)
General Fund (Fund Production Business)
City Fund (Fund Regional Business)
Fund Expert (Fund Work Business)

Online Investment Trust (Investment Trust Communication Business)
General Investment Trust (Investment Trust Production Business)
City Investment Trust (Investment Trust Regional Business)
Investment Trust Expert (Fund Work Business)

Online Food (Food Communication Business)
General Food (Food Production Business)
City Food (Food Regional Business)
Food Expert (Food Work Business)

Online Cuisine (Cuisine Communication Business)
General Cuisine (Cuisine Production Business)
City Cuisine (Cuisine Regional Business)
Cuisine Expert (Cuisine Work Business)

Online Electronics (Electronics Communication Business)
General Electronics (Electronics Production Business)
City Electronics (Electronics Regional Business)
Electronics Expert (Electronics Work Business)

Online Medical (Medical Communication Business)
General Medical (Medical Production Business)
City Medical (Medical Regional Business)
Medical Expert (Medical Work Business)

Online Hospital (Hospital Communication Business)
General Hospital (Hospital Production Business)
City Hospital (Hospital Regional Business)
Hospital Expert (Hospital Work Business)

Online Housing (Housing Communication Business)
General Housing (Housing Production Business)
City Housing (Housing Regional Business)
Housing Expert (Housing Work Business)

Online Interior (Interior Communication Business)
General Interior (Interior Production Business)
City Interior (Interior Regional Business)
Interior Expert (Interior Work Business)

Online Life (Life Communication Business)
General Life (Life Production Business)
City Life (Life Regional Business)
Life Expert (Life Work Business)

Online Life Insurance (Life Insurance Communication Business)
General Life Insurance (Life Insurance Production Business)
City Life Insurance (Life Insurance Regional Business)
Life Insurance Expert (Life Insurance Work Business)

Online Non-Life Insurance (Non-Life Insurance Communication Business)
General Non-Life Insurance (Non-Life Insurance Production Business)
City Non-Life Insurance (Non-Life Insurance Regional Business)
Non-Life Insurance Expert (Non-Life Insurance Work Business)

Online Military (Military Communication Business)
General Military (Military Production Business)
City Military (Military Regional Business)
Military Expert (Military Work Business)

Online Learning (Learning Communication Business)
General Learning (Learning Production Business)
City Learning (Learning Regional Business)
Learning Expert (Learning Work Business)

Online School (School Communication Business)
General School (School Production Business)
City School (School Regional Business)
School Expert (School Work Business)

Online Web (Web Communication Business)
General Web (Web Production Business)
City Web (Web Regional Business)
Web Expert (Web Work Business)

Online Art (Art Communication Business)
General Art (Art Production Business)
City Art (Art Regional Business)
Art Expert (Art Work Business)

Online Wedding Hall (Wedding Hall Communication Business)
General Wedding Hall (Wedding Hall Production Business)
City Wedding Hall (Wedding Hall Regional Business)
Wedding Hall Expert (Wedding Hall Work Business)

Online Toy (Toy Communication Business)
General Toy (Toy Production Business)
City Toy (Toy Regional Business)
Toy Expert (Toy Work Business)

Online Hobby (Hobby Communication Business)
General Hobby (Hobby Production Business)
City Hobby (Hobby Regional Business)
Hobby Expert (Hobby Work Business)

Online Novel (Novel Communication Business)
General Novel (Novel Production Business)
City Novel (Novel Regional Business)
Novel Expert (Novel Work Business)

Online Crisis Measures (Crisis Measures Communication Business)
General Crisis Measures (Crisis Measures Production Business)
City Crisis Measures (Crisis Measures Regional Business)
Crisis Measures Expert (Crisis Measures Work Business)

Online Worker (Worker Communication Business)
General Worker (Worker Production Business)
City Worker (Worker Regional Business)
Expert Worker (Worker Work Business)

Online Job (Job Communication Business)
General Job (Job Production Business)
City Job (Job Regional Business)
Job Expert (Job Work Business)

Online Ranking (Ranking Communication Business)
General Ranking (Ranking Production Business)
City Ranking (Ranking Regional Business)
Ranking Expert (Ranking Work Business)

Online Questionnaire (Questionnaire Communication Business)
General Questionnaire (Questionnaire Production Business)
City Questionnaire (Questionnaire Regional Business)
Questionnaire Expert (Questionnaire Work Business)

Online Lecture (Lecture Communication Business)
General Lecture (Lecture Production Business)
City Lecture (Lecture Regional Business)
Lecture Expert (Lecture Work Business)