Introduction of philosophy

<Diversity> ・ We will do our best to protect diversity.
・ We are not confined to individual attributes such as race, gender, age, nationality and religion.
・ We accept values ​​and ideas and make the most of each person’s ability.
・ We will strive for further development by absorbing diversity.
<Compliance> ・ We will strive for thorough compliance.
・ We will strictly adhere to various rules such as laws and regulations.
・ We will practice fair and honest corporate activities based on ethics and social norms.
<Usability> ・ We will improve usability.
・ We will increase the efficiency and satisfaction of users’ use of products and services.
<Stakeholders> ・ We will provide high quality products and services to our customers.
・ We will disclose information to our shareholders.
・ We will provide an environment where employees can work with peace of mind.
・ We will provide various support and active participation to the local community.
・ We will build a stable relationship with our business partners so as not to affect commercial activities.
・ We will strive to maintain relationships in a sustainable manner by establishing opportunities for exchanges with other companies in the same industry.
・ We will respond to the necessary requirements for administrative agencies.
・ We will adhere to the above and cherish our stakeholders.
<Global Compact> ・ Principle 1. We support and respect human rights advocacy.
・ Principle 2. We do not support human rights abuses.
・ Principle 3. I guarantee the freedom of union formation and the right of collective bargaining.
・ Principle 4. Eliminate forced labor.
・ Principle 5. As for child labor, we will comply with laws on labor standards and laws on child welfare.
・ Principle 6. Eliminate discrimination about employment and occupation.
・ Principle 7. We support a precautionary approach to environmental issues.
・ Principle 8. Take initiatives to take more responsibility for the environment.
・ Principle 9. Promote development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
・ Principle 10. We work to prevent all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.
<Philranthropy> ・ We perform altruistic activity and service activity for the purpose of improving or enhancing people’s happiness, health and QOL.
<Mesena> ・ We support art, music, religion, humanitarian activities, educational activities, etc., and protect cultural and artistic activities.
<CSR> ・ We have a responsibility to give the organization activity to society.
・ Responsible for making appropriate decisions in response to requests from all stakeholders.
・ We will engage in voluntary activities, achieve permanence, and build a sustainable future with society.
・ We exercise the right and assume obligation as a corporate citizen.
・ We perform volunteer activity and environmental protection, donation.
・ We value utilitarianism and emphasize the happiness of the whole society.
・ We will respond to SRI.
・ We assume social responsibility.
・ We fulfill accountability.
・ We do investor relations.
・ We consider the environment.
・ We will protect employees, stabilize employment, quality assurance, and consider our business partners.
・ We will pay the necessary costs for the sustainable development of the society that is essential for the survival of the company, and will carry out the necessary activities as investment for the future.
・ We will comply with the law, consider the environment, and contribute to the local community.
・ Comply with listed company accounting reform and investor protection law (SOX law).
・ We will protect investors by tightening the financial reporting process.
・ Enhance audit independence.
・ Reform corporate governance.
・ We fulfill accountability.
・ Perform risk management.
・ Conduct corporate governance properly.
・ We will thoroughly enforce internal control.
・ We will support the improvement of employee qualities, skills and abilities.