International association business

Introduction of international association business

・International Association is responsible for the international association business.

・In addition, the international association business includes the following businesses.


Business content

Economic business International surveys, research reports, symposia, exchanges among economic persons, development of economic and financial markets, financial technological innovation, infrastructure investment, securing financial sustainability and transparency in low-income countries, security, support for economic production, disasters Vulnerability risk survey, environmental response, international trade and capital transfer analysis, economic fairness deliberation, production network risk analysis, support for independence of developing countries, energy issue deal, food issue deal, fishery issue deal, free trade
Political business International surveys, research reports, symposiums, exchanges among political person, international standardization of laws in various countries, legal rationalization, security, sustainability, ensuring transparency, international tension relief, policy support, diplomatic mediation, free trade
Welfare business International survey, survey report, symposium, exchanges among welfare person, education provision, health and nutrition support, poverty reduction, water and sanitation environment construction, refugee protection, disaster support, child environment survey, child labor survey, sustainable development
Environmental business International surveys, research reports, symposiums, exchanges among environmental personnel, support for conclusions of various treaties and environmental laws, ozone layer protection, regulation of chemical substances and hazardous wastes, public awareness of environmental governance, marine environment protection, wildlife and wildlife protection, Securing biodiversity, measures against acid rain, measures against forests and desertification, promotion of resource efficiency
Social business International surveys, survey reports, holding symposia, exchanges among socialist
Medical business International surveys, research reports, symposiums, exchanges among medical personnel, lifestyle disease prevention, developing country health support, pharmaceutical research, medical treatment support, public health construction, maternal and child protection, epidemic measures, health human resource development, medical quality improvement, International standardization of UHC