Introduction of history

1 At the beginning of the history of Osawa Zaibatsu, general interior was founded.
2 Business diversification gradually took place and became the General Group.
3 General Group started to work in the IT business, and the IT business was separated from the General Group, and the Online Group was established.
4 Then, City Group, which operates a regional service business, was established, and a town group was established to support the suburbs.
5 In order to conduct social activities, the International Welfare Association, the International Social Association, and other international association groups were established based on the funds of Osawa Zaibatsu.
6 Marshall Group was established based on the policy that professional support such as law, management and accounting is necessary for the future management of Osawa Zaibatsu.
7 In order to make the world a better society, Osawa Zaibatsu. felt the need for political intervention. In order to do so, it is essential to understand the current situation and to consider solutions. The Commonwealth Group was established to conduct specialized research projects to support this. Then, a political research institute to study politics, an economic research institute to study the economy, and a social research institute to study society were established.
8 User Group was established to conduct user-centered business to support people’s self-disclosure.
9 In the modern society, the international competition of companies is intensifying, and Japan has recently fallen to third place in GDP.In Japan, we face a problem of population decline due to the declining birthrate, and we are in a crisis situation.In order to break it down, with the philosophy of the resurgence of japan and raising to the top of GDP, the Japan Group was established to carry out corporate acquisitions, restructuring and operations.