Introduction of departments

・Osawa Zaibatsu has a directorate general at the highest level, a bureau under it, and a department under it.

・Also, Osawa Zaibatsu has the following departments.

~ Type ~

Department name

Department summary

Business department Business specific department such as restaurant business department and fashion business department
Management department A universal department that can be applied to any business, such as sales department and planning department

~ Order ~


Dept name

Dept example

1 Directorate General General Directorate of Business, General Directorate of Management, etc.
2 Bureau Web Media Business Bureau, Manufacturing Business, First Management Bureau, etc.
3 Department Restaurant Business Department, Fashion Business Department, Sales Department, etc.
4 Division First Business Division, First Management Division, Corporate Sales Division, etc.
5 Section French Restaurant Section, Coordinate Section, etc.
6 Unit First Unit, Second Unit, etc.

*The lower the number, the higher the order.

*The examples of departments are departments in Osawa Zaibatsu, and may differ from departments in the group or departments in subsidiaries.

~ Directorate General ~

Dept number

Dept name

Dept summary

1 Business directorate general Supervising business bureau
2 Management directorate general Supervising management bureau

~ Bureau ~

Dept number

Dept name

Dept summary

1-1 First Business Bureau Web Media Business
1-2 Second Business Bureau Manufacturing Business
1-3 Third Business Bureau City Business
1-4 Fourth Business Bureau Town Business
1-5 Fifth Business Bureau User-centered Business
1-6 Sixth Business Bureau International Association Business
1-7 Seventh Business Bureau Bureau Professional Business
1-8 Eighth Business Bureau Acquisition And Reconstruction And Management Business
1-9 Ninth Business Bureau Professional Research And Organizational Management Business
2-1 First Management Bureau Forward and direct management department
2-2 Second Management Bureau Forward and administrative department
2-3 Third Management Bureau Back and direct management department
2-4 Fourth Management Bureau Back and administrative management department

~ Department ~

Dept number

Dept name


Business description

2-1-1 Shop Department Shop management Shop strategy, customer service, checkout, product selection, inventory management, store management, sales promotion
2-1-2 Advertising Department Advertising management Promotion strategy, company promotion, product promotion, service promotion
2-1-3 IT Department IT business IT strategy, system development, system management
2-1-4 Planning Department Planning business Planning strategy, product planning, service planning, event planning
2-1-5 Sales Department For-profit business Sales strategy, existing sales, new business development, telephone sales
2-1-6 Research Department Research work Research strategy, product research, service research, various research
2-1-7 Customer Department Customer management Customer strategy, customer management, customer consultation
2-1-8 Service Department Service business Service management, service planning, service development
2-1-9 Products Department Product operations Product management, product planning, product development
2-1-10 Logistics Department Logistics management Transport and storage
2-2-1 Finance Department Financial management Financial strategy, accounting, tax processing, funding, budget management, fund management
2-2-2 Management Department Business management Management strategy, management planning
2-2-3 Information Department Information management Information strategy, information collection, information analysis, information application, information storage
2-2-4 Public Relations Department Public relations PR strategy, publicity, IR, press release
2-2-5 Market Department Market management Market strategy, market grasp, competitive grasp, distribution product grasp, distribution service grasp
2-2-6 Crisis Management Department Crisis Management Crisis management strategy, settlement risk management, liquidity risk management, administrative risk management, credit risk management, market risk management, system link risk management, legal risk management, reputation risk management, affiliated company Risk management, integrated risk management system construction, risk minimization, risk diversification
2-3-1 Environment Department Environmental management Environmental strategy, corporate environment maintenance, business environment maintenance, equipment management, cleaning
2-3-2 Organization Department Organization management Organizational strategy, internal communication, development of departments, development of regulations, events
2-3-3 Secretary Department Secretarial services Secretarial strategy, reception, schedule management, supervisor support, visitor management, visit management, conference management, business trip management, external event management, office work, general affairs
2-3-4 Human Resources Department Human Resource Management HR strategy, recruitment, recruitment, placement, evaluation, training, labor
2-3-5 General Affairs Department General business General affairs strategy, all operations essential for companies not handled by other departments
2-4-1 Employee Department Employee Activities Employee Strategy, Events, Exchanges, Consultations, Club Activities
2-4-2 Audit Department Supervision and Inspection Audit Strategy, Personnel Audit, Asset Audit, Financial Audit, Corporate Audit, Management Audit, Organizational Audit, Department Audit
2-4-3 Legal Department Legal Affairs Legal Strategy, Contract Legal Affairs, Institutional Legal Affairs, Legal Consultation, Dispute Legal Affairs, Regulatory Legal Affairs
2-4-4 Diplomatic Department External Exchange Diplomatic Strategy, Hosting Regular Exchange Meetings, Participating in External Exchange Meetings, Relationship Development, Relationship Maintenance, Information Exchange, Opinion Exchange, Understanding Industry Situations, Reflecting External Intentions, Diplomacy Mediation